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Dec 02 2019

In 1958, he met the actor Dedé Santana, who became her first husband and father of her first two children. With Dede, toured as a dancer working with the Royal Circus Magazine. In 1960, Ana Rosa Santana and Dede Dawn opened the TV, in Brasília. At the time, appeared together, live circus acts and various teleteatros. After one year, were rushed to São Paulo, where Mauritius, the couple’s first child, died of leukemia on February 14, 1961. In the same year, she and Ana Dede separated and went to Santos, where he returned to work in circus. Months later, the couple resumed and in April 1962, his first born daughter, Maria Leone, now 45 years. Some time later the couple separated for good. Ana Rosa had a total of eight children.