Horse fighting in war clipart

Oct 17 2019

Fights often take place in a fenced ring, which prevents the more submissive stallion from retreating, as it would do in a naturally occurring contest. Two stallions and a mare in heat are brought into the ring by human handlers. The mare is then removed, but kept in the vicinity so that her scent lingers, although in some fights she is tethered to a pole at the center of the ring. At this point, the stallions will often spontaneously attack each other. Those who do not are whipped or startled with loud noises to provoke them into a frenzy. Horse fights may be staged in rounds, or as one-off bouts. They often result in significant injuries, or death, of the stallions. Horse fights may last between 15 minutes to three hours and have been criticized for their brutality and violence. Defenders of organized horse fighting has claimed that the death of horses in organized horse fighting is rare or non-existent, and implied that this makes fighting bans unnecessary.

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