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Mar 20 2020

Captain David Aceveda, seeking to usurp the current black City Council representative of Farmington by swaying the Latino vote, looks to rid his precinct, The Barn, of corruption starting with Detective Vic Mackey and the controversial yet effective Strike Team. Mackey and the Strike Team protect local drug dealer Rondell Robinson by enforcing strict rules to make the streets safer. Aceveda works with the Justice Department to bring Detective Terry Crowley onto the Strike Team to try to gain evidence to use on Vic. However, Vic is aware of Crowley’s involvement due to his friendship with the Assistant Chief of Police Ben Gilroy; when the Strike Team is forced to shoot and kill Two-Time, a drug dealer, Vic and Detective Shane Vendrell use Two-Time’s gun to murder Crowley (without informing team members Detective Curtis “Lem” Lemansky and Detective Ronnie Gardocki), making it look like Crowley was killed by Two-Time. Gilroy helps Vic to cover up the murder and stops Aceveda’s investigation. Things come to a breaking point towards the end of the season when Gilroy’s own ambitions threaten both Vic’s and Aceveda’s future.