San angelo weather pictures clipart

Nov 01 2019

San Angelo falls near the boundary between the subtropical semiarid steppe (Köppen BSh) and mid-latitude steppe climates (Köppen BSk). It is located at the region where Central Texas meets West Texas weather. Temperatures reach 100 °F (37. 8 °C) about 18 times in a typical year. However, in 2011, San Angelo recorded 100 days of 100 °F (37. 8 °C) or higher. The typical year has 50 days with lows below freezing. Though the region does experience snow and sleet, they occur only a few times a year. San Angelo averages 251 days of sunshine a year, and the average temperature is 65. 4 °F (18. 6 °C). The city has an average rainfall of 21. 25 inches (540 mm), with the wettest calendar year since 1944 being 2016 with 35. 72 inches (907. 3 mm) and the driest 1956 with 7. 41 inches (188. 2 mm).