Secret mission clipart

Mar 29 2020

Leonard Maltin described it as a “Stiff-upper-lip WW2 drama” that is “Well paced dramatically,” but whose “comical touches seem awkwardly out of place”; while the Radio Times noted, “There’s a modicum of excitement” in the efforts of the various characters “to glean information about Nazi invasion plans. But the comic subplot involving Wilding and his French wife, and the romance that develops between Williams and Mason’s sister (Carla Lehmann), are embarrassingly twee. Credit to director Harold French for keeping the pace brisk, but this is unremarkable fare”; and 20/20 Movie Reviews wrote, “the writers of the 1980s British comedy show Allo Allo must have seen Secret Mission at some point because the similarities are just too numerous to be coincidental. The only difference is that Secret Mission is straight while Allo Allo is a broad farce. Probably the only comical aspect of the movie is James Mason’s French accent, but he does at least look suitably embarrassed as he substitutes ‘z’s for ‘th’s. ”